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Sometimes your branding requires an update. It’s something that major companies do all the time to keep up with the times, and so should you. But what if you don’t know where to start? No problem: with us as your branding agency, you can refresh your brand image swiftly. Here’s what we offer: 



Create a brand that has a genuine impact.

There is much more to branding than colours and logos.

At root, a brand is about creating an impression that really speaks to your customers and communicates what your company stands for. You want something that reflects your corporate image and gives your audience a better sense of what you offer. Thus, brands need to go beyond the visual and pull on customers’ emotional heartstrings.  

As your branding agency, we take an innovative approach. Yes, design is critical for us, but so too is finding visual forms that allow you to convey your values and connect with customers on a deeper level. Strategy is also important. You need a brand that provides you with sufficient flexibility when the market inevitably changes. 

With a rebrand from our branding specialists, you can fulfill all these criteria and more. We work with you to create something that serves your business for years to come. 

Our branding and rebranding services in Sydney

Visibility Marketing is a branding agency in Sydney , offering a host of services to take your brand to the next level. We offer logo design, identity design, style guides and brand management. And our team of rebranding specialists can rebuild your brand from the ground up. 

Business logo design

Logos are an essential component of your business’s marketing. Not only do they tell customers who you are, but they also generate instant recognition, no matter where you decide to locate, either online or offline. 

At Visibility Marketing, we love creating logos that reflect the spirit and philosophy of our clients. We use artistic logo designs and motifs to capture what your company is all about so you can communicate this effortlessly with your customers, whether you are building a new brand from scratch or rebranding.

For many business leaders, getting a logo design is the first step towards building a fully-fledged business. It is psychologically powerful, not just for your audience, but you as well. 


Rebranding sounds like it involves simply changing your company colours and logos. But it actually goes much deeper than this. At root, rebranding is about finding ways to better communicate with your audience and represent your brand. It’s a way of becoming clearer, more concise and, sometimes, more confident.

Visibility Marketing simplifies your rebranding process. We distil your business down into its essential components and then use these to create something that genuinely reflects what you’re all about.

Think of us as being your advocate. We take your core ideas and then find ways to communicate them powerfully to your audience. 

Identity design

Brand identity design is an evolving process that keeps your company’s brand assets consistent. Visibility Marketing works with you throughout the process, ensuring that any new media you create – be it online marketing materials, brochures, or even material for industry events – reflect your core ethos. 

Our expertise allows us to take on any creative brief you send us. Our team endeavours to design your brand identity in a way that is respectful to your existing assets while also pushing your public image forward in a productive and market-sensitive fashion. 

Just speak to our branding experts today to learn more. As one of the top brand identity design agencies in Australia, we’re here to help you realise your goals.

Style guides

Whether your company is large or small, you need a style guide to ensure that your brand messages remain consistent across all your channels. And that’s where Visibility Marketing can help. Our expert team can create a guide that makes it easy for all stakeholders in your organisation to create public-facing material that accurately reflects your brand goals. 

Branding requires careful consideration and formularisation. All visual elements, such as your typeface, collateral, language and even tone of voice require careful consideration. You need to always appear “on brand” to avoid confusing customers or diluting your message. 

Visibility Marketing, therefore, creates guides that people in your organisation can use. We can either do all the work for you or complement your in-house designers.

Brand management

Visibility Marketing has the required experts to coordinate all your brand efforts across space and time. A team of skilled B2B outsourced marketing experts for the price of 1 in-house resource. Our brand management services let you choose a direction for your brand and directly influence how your customers perceive you. 

Our skilled team works with companies across the board, from large multinationals to startups and solopreneurs. Because of this, our tailored solutions are cost-effective and reflect the budget and priorities of your business. 

Get started today and discover the difference that brand management can make to your enterprise. It’s one of the most powerful tools available to save time and money.

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