Terms & Conditions

Here at Visibility Marketing we take all reasonable care when working for our clients, contractors, suppliers, our community and the general public. Like most companies we have Terms & Conditions that we work by and we ask that you familiarise yourself with them as these will help make up our relationship with you. Visibility Marketing will be known as VM for the remainder of these Terms & Conditions.


Our quotations are valid for 30 days from the date the quote has been given, unless otherwise stated. When approving a quotation, we ask that clients check the details of the quote or order specifically before approving or submitting. Marketing products & services can vary widely, please contact VM if you’re unsure about anything in your quotation, estimate or invoice. All quotations are subject to withdrawal or variation by VM at any time prior to VM’s acceptance of an order.


Invoices are to be paid up front and before any work has started on the order. If you have an account with VM, your invoice is due by the due date on the invoice, usually 7 business days. All products and services are under the ownership of VM until invoices have been paid in full. If invoices have not been paid after 30 days, they are referred to a collection agency that lists the individual or company (or both) with credit bureau’s which incurs a mark against yours and your companies credit and credit score. The collection agency will attempt to collect the debt. The unpaid invoice also accrues interest for the unpaid balance which is added to the outstanding debt. VM has the right to collect any products supplied, uninstall any work completed, take down any digital services provided from you or your company if the invoice has not been paid within our terms. The ownership of all products and services belongs to VM until the client has paid all invoices in full.


If VM designs or creates artwork for you, you will be sent an artwork proof for you to approve. Most jobs only take 1 or 2 rounds of changes and most of our quotes include 2 rounds of changes. If there are further changes after the quoted amount of changes, VM will charge for these changes as they do take time, effort and expertise. Once artwork is approved, that artwork is then final and it will then be used immediately to produce your order. Most of the time we design & print using CMYK. Sometimes PMS colours are used but only when requested, if PMS colours are requested and you’ve been quoted CMYK, the order will then need to be requoted. If you have not been quoted PMS colours your job will be created and produced using full colour CMYK production. If you have colour specific, font specific or image specific branding requests for your orders, you must let us know before submitting the initial request. To complete your requested artwork, we may require your companies Style Guide or Branding Booklet so we can aim to keep the branding consistent. Colours do vary from job to job, press to press and screen to screen. The colour on a computer screen or mobile device is not a good reflection of the actual colour. All reasonable care is taken when designing and creating artwork & projects for our clients but we are in fact humans and humans sometimes do make mistakes so we recommend that you double check your artwork as once that project is approved, that will be final and VM will not be held responsible for any errors, including any spelling or grammatical errors. VM will not be held liable for any items that should have been included on any artwork that we create or help create. If there are specific items related to a clients brand or industry they should be supplied and explained to VM during the briefing process. This includes but not limited to any legal, financial or personal information or items.


We ask that you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Visibility Marketing, its employees, directors, contractors, officers, agents & suppliers from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including any and all legal fees resulting from any violation of these Terms & Conditions.


We provide linked sites on our website and marketing material, these are provided for your convenience only and increase value to our existing and potential clients. We have no control over these third party sites therefore we take no responsibility as they each have their own company policies and separate privacy & data collection practices.


Because we are a marketing company we sometimes use our clients products, services, imagery, logo and branding in our own marketing, This may be but not limited to, our website, printed material, social media, email campaigns and other forms of marketing. We do this to promote your business while promoting ours at the same time. Please let us know as soon as possible if you do not want VM to do this or if you see something or your that you do not want advertised, let us know and we’ll gladly take it down for you.


We aim to achieve the correct turnaround times as quote on each project. Our clients deadlines are important to us and we aim to meet all of them. Sometimes we face unforeseen circumstances that make it hard to achieve required turnaround times and deadlines, we will do our best to help these situations the best we can. Timeframes that are quoted for your projects are estimates only.


We deliver all over Australia and internationally. We use several different courier and mail service suppliers. VM does not own these supplier services and once we have booked the delivery with them we are subject to their capabilities and will not be held responsible for missed deliveries, late deliveries or lost deliveries. We will of course try to track down the delivery and work on a fair solution as soon as possible. Some of VM’s products come from overseas and are subject to local & overseas customs processes and procedures. These can sometimes cause short delays, extended delays or complete denial of goods to us. We cannot except responsibility for these circumstances that are out of our control. Time frames that are quoted for items coming from overseas are estimates only. When delivery is requested to be left at an unattended address or in a certain spot or location, VM will not accept liability for any subsequent issues arising from that delivery.


Some of our products at VM have warranties, some of them do not. This depends on the product and if there is a supplier involved. If you require this information, please get in contact with us before you place the order.


When it comes to printing, we can print on most stocks but if you have a specific request we will need to check the stock availability and requote the order. Sometimes similar stocks are used to replace the stock in your quotation if the specific stock is not available, especially if the order has a specific time frame or the stock is comparable but VM standards. We almost never print on client supplied stocks as the results are sometimes not ideal, we use professional, machine specific stocks to maximise a great result. Every effort will be made to deliver the correct quantity of items ordered but due to the difficulties of producing exact quantities, VM shall not be liable for delivering incorrect quantities either more or less and there will be no adjustment in the price if the quantity variation does not exceed 10% of the quantity specified in the order. This is very standard in the industry and it has been VM’s experience that we almost never supply a quantity that is short.


We design, print & install signage for our clients. There are many variances when it comes to Signage and its installation. Examples of this is the location of the job site, access to the job site, material or substrate of where we are doing the installation on to and material or substrate we have been requested to use. VM take all reasonable care when installing signage but where there are limitations of where we are doing the install, understandably there will be limitations in our work. We try to cover everything when quoting on signage orders but sometimes when we are on site doing the installation we may come across items that will take more time or require more tools/products than quoted. We will need to charge for this extra work but VM will do its best to communicate this to you before starting that part of the job. As a client, if you know of something that may hinder our work process, please let us know before we quote the job. When supplying signage, every effort will be made to deliver the correct quantity of items ordered but due to the difficulties of producing exact quantities, VM shall not be liable for delivering incorrect quantities either more or less and there will be no adjustment in the price if the quantity variation does not exceed 10% of the quantity specified in the order. This is very standard in the industry and it has been VM’s experience that we almost never supply a quantity that is short.


Every effort will be made to deliver the correct quantity of promotional products ordered but due to the difficulties of producing exact quantities, VM shall not be liable for delivering incorrect quantities either more or less and there will be no adjustment in the price if the quantity variation does not exceed 10% of the quantity specified in the order. This is very standard in the industry and it has been VM’s experience that we almost never supply a quantity that is short.


We design, develop, maintain, host and manage clients websites and social media accounts. When clients supply or approve the content for any online platform, it is expected that you as the client have done your due diligence and double checked that the content you are supplying or approve does not hinder, discredit, offend and is legally acceptable in the countries and communities it will reach. We provide and sometimes we are provided with log-ins to accounts, we safeguard these account log-ins but they are subject to the security of the internet, websites, apps and other software that we don’t own. When we provide you with log-ins, we recommend you keep them secure and change passwords as soon as you receive them from VM for extra security. If you choose to login to your website, social media accounts or digital platforms and manage them on your own, VM is not responsible or liable for any changes or damages that you or your people have made. We can assist with fixing most issues but we will need to charge for this work. We do not provide training on how to manage your website, social media accounts or digital content. Our policy for website payments is 50% deposit up front and 50% upon the website going live. If for any reason the project doesn’t go ahead, 30% of the entire project’s cost will be non-refundable. In regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), most of our websites come with SEO work already completed and set up on the website. We also provide on going SEO for clients websites when requested. None of this SEO work guarantees that your website will automatically be on the first page of search engines. SEO takes work and a time commitment, especially in a day and age where algorithms are constantly changing and the online space is very populated and competitive. We install SSL certificates and other security plugins, software and services to some of our clients websites. These items are of a fairly basic nature and generally a minimum standard when it comes to protecting a website. Our clients website safety is extremely important to VM. However, VM holds no responsibility to any breaches of security or any damage or malicious damage to a clients website or be held responsible for any loss that the client may have because of their website. VM can provide logins to the back end of your website but we highly recommend not going into the dashboard/back end of the website unless you or another person is experienced in the process. If we build you a website and it is altered by yourself or someone you have given access to VM will not be responsible for fixing any problems that may occur because of this. We can however assist but the project will need to be quoted. If a VM client asks VM to shut down their website and take it off line the website will be deleted from the server and we will not retain a copy of the site. Once we have stopped hosting the website it is the client’s responsibility.


VM understands that your privacy is very important to you and that you have a right to protect your personal information. We are committed to protecting your information, we do not share, sell or otherwise disclose information about our clients to anyone. Confidentiality is very important to VM. We use the information that you provide to us for such purposes as responding to your requests, communicating with you, creating a better online experience for you at our website and to send you marketing information, products or materials from time to time. If you do not wish to receive future communications from us whether is be via email or via delivery, please let us know. Email lists can be unsubscribed from at any time. We reserve the right to disclose information about you as required by law, and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process.


Any enquiries regarding refunds or returns must be made to VM within 48 hours of receiving the goods or services. If we confirm that the error is clearly identified as ours, all steps will be taken to rectify the order. Faulty goods must be returned to the shop or factory it came from before a re-print can occur. If the problem is a result of incorrect artwork the customer will be responsible for the reprinting and any associated costs. If the problem is identified to be a delivery error we will follow up with the courier or mail company and get an answer as soon as reasonably possible. We provide hosting for websites we manage or have built. Once hosting has been paid for or domain names have been purchased through VM, there are no refunds allowed.


We created this website to help our clients and offer a helpful resource to the community. All reasonable care has been taken when creating this website and all of its content however, use of this website is entirely at your own risk. This website may contain unforeseen errors, faults, inaccuracies and is subject to change without giving notice to previous, existing or new users. We make no warranty or representation of any kind, express or implied, as to the information or operation of this website, or its products or services included on this website. We shall not be liable to you for any damages, losses, claims, liabilities and expenses whatsoever relating to or arising out of information, materials or services provided on our website, and where any responsibility or liability cannot by law be excluded, our liability is limited, to the supply of the goods or services, the repair of goods, or the payment of the costs of having the goods or services repaired or supplied again.


VM provides offline & online marketing and we have procedures and processes in place that make our company run very well. Sometimes things do happen and we make mistakes, we are human. VM will always try to assist when this happens and help the client out. In a case where something does go wrong, the maximum amount that VM will ever be liable to anyone will only go as high as the cost of the goods or service supplied.


VM sometimes host client websites and manage platforms like social media for clients. This service is sometimes interrupted with items that are beyond VM’s control. This may be the following but is not limited to the following, websites, social media accounts and other online services that VM manages may go down for any reason at any time. The websites, social media accounts and other online services are sometimes hosted on a server and servers in general sometimes face technical problems. Sometimes these problems are out of the control of VM. However, when there is an issue or a problem, it is VM’s priority to fix the issue and get systems back to normal as soon as they can. VM will not be held liable for any of these problems or issues that may arise.